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We are very excited to welcome you to a 4 day retreat programme in the heart of Cannes in a space that will take your breath away! Come and enjoy a fun and educational retreat in style and go home feeling and looking great. The Verriere runs these as private events so bring your friends and come at the dates that suit you.

– Have you wanted to do a cleanse or a fast and never quite got around to it ?

– Are you stressed or burnt out ?

– Have you tried to meditate but find you’re too busy ?

Then be good to yourself and join us for our healthy living, detox and mindfulness retreats in Cannes just a 10 minute walk from the famous Croisette and the beach.


4 day detox programme

Each retreat includes nutritional consultation, mindfulness training, yoga, massage, juicing and cleansing tailored to the need of each participant. We offer a choice of well-being activities and informative workshops to explain the principals of detoxing, juicing and meditation.

  •  4 day personalised cleanse adapted to your needs.
  •  An in-depth personal nutritional consultation
  •  Mindfulness Meditation for stress reduction –  every day
  • Massage available daily
  • Theragem light therapy to balance your neurotransmitters and stimulate the organs
  •  Learn about detoxing heavy metals, yeasts and parasites
  •  Vegetable Juicing for sparkling skin
  •  Learn the benefits of super foods like Chlorella and other super greens
  •  Yoga for all levels – to make you smile inside and out
  •  Sprouting workshop – enjoy high nutrient inexpensive live foods every day at home
  •  Learn how fermented foods benefit a healthy colon
  • Creative activities such as a “Vision board” collage to help clarify your dreams and aspirations (and an opportunity to play with paper and glue !)
  • Evening programme of educational and interesting videos


This is an effective cleansing programme free of GMO, gluten, dairy, sugar and soy. You will be eating only vegetable juices, super greens, raw protein formula and soup. Most people do not find that they are even hungry.

The course activities are designed to account for the fact that you are not eating meals.  You will be expertly guided through the process and supported every step of the way as you detox and feel clearer and lighter. There will be regular mindfulness teaching and a chance to meet the local meditators.

It is so much easier doing a detox with others and away from home and the temptation of the fridge !

At home a few days before the programme starts, eat a light regime, about half of your usual amount of food in preparation for the detox.

A TYPICAL DAY (adapted to your individual needs)

Wake up, warm lemon juice.


Walk along the picturesque seafront.

Vegetable juice, proteins and detox teas.

Yoga every other day.

Guided Mindfulness Meditation. Followed by time for reading, relaxing, Theragem and massage treatments.  Teas, warm bouillon.

Afternoon workshop, vision board, Teas. Time for Theragem and massage treatments.

Optional protein drink and vegetable juice.

Warm bouillon,  evening video and discussion.

Evening meditation. Early to bed !


Protein drink, soups, juices and teas (light meals for those with a special requirement) . Yoga sessions every other day. Daily Mindfulness Meditation guidance. Workshops and consultations on healthy living. Daily massage and Theragem sessions are included in your stay.


Journaling, reading, relaxing, sleeping, walking along the famous Croisette and the beach.

Access to quality clay tennis courts and heated swimming pool 2 mins from the door.

We have a selection of well-being videos and books for your enjoyment. Limited phone and computer connection recommended.


We have 6 double beds in 3 rooms.

2,525 euros per person, shared room

Minimum group size : 2 

If you would like to come on your own, for a solo retreat, the rate for 2 people will apply: 5,050 euros for the 4 days

The group organiser comes free for a group of 4 or more

Payment by euro cheque, sterling cheque, bank transfer or paypal.

A deposit of 800 euros will secure your booking. The balance to be paid 8 weeks before arrival, no refunds after this date.

You are welcome for a longer stay at the same daily rate.



Flights, airport transfers, nutritional supplements for individual needs that may be recommended.


Theragem electromagnetic treatment

Theragem electromagnetic field and light therapy to balance the body and assist the detox process.


Deep sports-style massage

to relieve tension and stimulate the lymph and circulation.





Bring: comfortable clothing including slippers and a journal to take notes.



Let us know your date preferences and we will do our very best to accommodate you for a taylor-made detox programme.

We are adding information to this page, in the mean time if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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enquiries :

Alison Prideaux : +33(0)6 17 05 82 41

Lieke Kay     +33(0)6 14 39 15 12