La Verriére | Burn Out Retreats
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Burn Out Retreats

At La Verrière under our umbrella of effective treatments for wellness we also offer a targeted approach to burnout

Burn Out!

We are aware that many successful leaders suffer from symptoms of burn out without realising it.

This is what to look out for :

Physical and emotional exhaustion which may show up in the form of sleep problems, loss of focus, inability to face challenges and feeling depressed.

Cynicism and detachment which may give rise to self criticism, loss of motivation and a tendency to isolate.

Feelings of ineffectiveness which lead to thoughts like ” what’s the point?” states of irritability and fear of poor performance.

We are here to help! We offer in depth guidance and treatments to restore you to your full capacity through super nutrition, cleansing and brain training in the form of mindfulness.

Mindfulness has been adopted by large corporations such as Google, the NHS and Transport for London who have all acknowledged the benefits of this kind of programme to maintain, or restore, the well being of their employees.

If you are ready to deal with your stress then refer to the detox page for an example of the services we offer. These programmes can be adapted easily to your specific requirements, whether you come as a team or on an individual basis. We like to design personalised programmes to fit the time you have available and your particular needs.

A targeted nutritional regime will make sure you have all the vital elements necessary to rebuild the neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) that become depleted during extended periods of stress. Once our bodies have all the right building blocks in place, we start to recover our vitality. We combine this healthy regime with mindfulness training which has been proven to rewire the brain for focus and happiness. Once again we feel we can cope.

In the past we found that busy business men and women responded very well to this approach. Then we added daily electromagnetic field therapy. This sped up the whole process and our clients were leaving with marked improvements to their energy levels and mood after only a few days! Cells are like batteries and respond to any change in surrounding electromagnetic field.  This is how the Theragem light treatment enhances the effect of our detox and restoration programmes and balances the body’s neurotransmitters.

You will learn valuable mindfulness skills which you will be able to continue to develop and maintain at home to safeguard against future episodes of feeling overwhelmed and exhaustion.

For individuals who are very depleted it is important to rest and recover. We offer Deep sports-style massage as a key support, helping to eliminate toxins and nurture a tired spirit.