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Chronic digestive troubles

06 Feb Chronic digestive troubles

I went to Lieke in hopes of finding someone who might finally be able to help with my chronic poor digestion, fatigue and general melancholia. And there she was… vibrant, worldly, comprehensive, progressive, and listening. Her compassion is pure as is her tenacity. She takes you were you need to go!

As an executive in multi-operational business, my life is pulled in many directions. Lieke listened to my history, and where I was at present, then assembled a multi-pronged approach to get my system working optimally and reboot my energy levels.

Knowing that there’s more to the puzzle than just the physiological aspects, Lieke went further by addressing my mind set; a critical key, if one really wants to change. Again Lieke broke the boundary for ingenuity with an intuitive approach, and suggested a series of Theragem sessions, of which she is a front runner in France. Theragem therapy is a studied, modern approach using crystal energy to balance ones body and mind. After only one session, I hit new levels of feeling fully alive.

And now, my life is back! A 30 year long history of uncomfortable and embarrassing digestive problems are no more, my energy is now fully charged, and my grim outlook has turned to smiles. Thank you Lieke++


S from Holland

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